Snooker cueing aids and accessories


Aimframe by The Snooker Gym

The Aimframe helps a snooker player to learn the potting angles making the line of aim easier to cue. Snooker training is so much easier when using it. Save yourself frustration, time and money by using it to pick the correct potting angle. Should be one of your first choices on your list of snooker accessories.

Ultimate Training Ball

Ultimate training ball

Learn where to strike the cue ball for different spins. This customised cue ball helps you to strike in exactly the same place each time for more consistent cueing. You can also check that you are striking the middle of the cue ball as well as learning about all the different spins.

Cue Action Trainer

Nic Barrow's CAT

The ultimate training aid for any aspiring snooker player. Cue straighter and smoother than ever before by just using this snooker cue aid for a few minutes each day. The CAT can even be used with the rest and has a number of amazing benefits. 

123's of Snooker

123s of Snooker

All the main snooker topics split into 3 parts. Top coach, Nic Barrow, talks through snooker technique as well as spin, breakbuilding, safety and psychology. A must for every beginner. 

TSG Encyclopedia

TSG encyclopedia

Learn everything you ever wanted to learn about the game of snooker from top snooker coach, Nic Barrow. This is the ultimate snooker media product. The Snooker Gym encyclopedia contains 10 dvds of advice, hints and tips which will save even the top players time and money. Take your knowledge of the game to the highest level and buy the encyclopedia today! 

Level 2 Coach Certification

Learn to be a snooker coach

Train how to be a coach. Learn all the skills needed  to set up as a self employed snooker coach. You will be taught everything needed to coach players from beginners up to professionals. The course also includes vital skills in how to advertise your business and make it a success. This online study gives you everything you need before completing the practical assessments. 

Snooker accessories

Just to inform you that I am an affiliate of The Snooker Gym. This means that I receive a percentage of any goods or services that are sold on the site if I have directed the customer there. This does not in any way reflect in the price you pay and to be honest I would recommend TSG products to anyone regardless as I believe that they are some of the best snooker coaching aids available.