Snooker coaching prices


Want to try out coaching for the first time? Maybe you want to work on a particular issue with your game? Struggling to play with backspin? Can't pot a ball with the rest? I can work with you for an hour and iron out the problem. This will lead to increased confidence about your game. As a result you will win more matches.


The ideal length for a snooker lesson. This gives me the chance to look over your technique and then run through some routines. The lesson will not be rushed and you will have time to pick up any new techniques. By the end of the lesson you will have increased confidence in your cueing, potting, safety or whichever area of the game you decide.

GROUP COACHING = prices on request

Do you have a league team struggling to win matches? Maybe you and your friends struggle to pot balls and seem to spend ages on every frame. Maybe you have a social club and a few members would like some coaching? Please get in touch and we can work something out. This usually works best if players are about the same standard.