Snooker coaching prices

UNDER 16 GROUPS = £5 pp

I am planning to begin a junior session for under 16s. Players will be taught the basics such as the stance, bridge, grip and how to cue. The sessions will also give the youngsters the chance to play competitive snooker against players of their own age. The group sessions will give any youngster a great start to the game. Those that are keen and want to progress quicker are free to book one to one coaching. 


Players under the age of 16 can receive great coaching at a reduced cost. Improve your game quickly with a one to one lesson. Review of the lesson and table charges are included.


Professional one to one coaching. Ideal for players looking to learn the basics or to fix a problem with their cueing. Learn to cue straighter and more confidently than ever before. Lessons are followed up with a review sent to you via e-mail. All table charges are included.


Aimed at beginners. The course will teach the basic technique to allow you to cue properly and pot consistently. The lessons will also cover spin and positional play, restplay, safety and matchplay. The one to one lessons will allow you to improve at the fastest rate possible. Lessons will be linked and you will receive a lesson review via e-mail. 


10 lessons aimed at the club player. This is the ideal course if you play 2 or 3 times a week and are looking to take the next step up. You might play for a league team or play in local tournaments but don't feel like you are improving. The snooker coaching course will cover all aspects of the game such as potting, breakbuilding, restplay, safety, shot selection, matchplay and much more. Snooker coaching lessons are linked and are all followed up with a review sent via e-mail.

ADVANCED PACKAGE = prices on request

This is the ultimate package and is aimed at serious players. Perhaps you are on one of the national amateur tours or even looking to turn professional. Maybe you are already on the tour but feel that you haven't got the results you wanted.  This package is built around your game. Your game will be assessed and we will look at your short and long term goals. I will then put together an action plan to follow so that you reach your goals and fulfill your potential.