Snooker Coaching Background

I first started playing snooker as a teenager on a small table at home. When I was about 15 I played for the first time on a full sized table when I was on a family holiday. I loved it and when I returned home I persuaded my mum to let me play at a local club. I spent as much time as possible at the club and played my brother and local friends. I didn't receive any coaching but read as much as I could about the game and watched the game on television.

Within a year my highest break was 91 although the pressure always got to me when I got close to the magical century. I knew I had taken up the game too late to turn professional but I knew that I needed to improve my technique to develop my game. I read every book on the game and my knowledge of the technical side of the game grew.

I continued to improve and did make a century. In my twenties I started full time work and had less time to play snooker. However I put in quality practice and got my highest break up to 138. I took part in the local league and won the doubles trophy a couple of time, division titles as team captain and a number of high break prizes.

As I turned thirty I became a dad and so I had less time to play snooker. My health also deteriorated and so my snooker suffered as I struggled with tremors in my hands. However as a house husband I needed a flexible job to allow me to work around my children. Someone suggested that I would make a good snooker coach especially as club players were always asking me for help and I had built up so much knowledge about snooker technique over the years. It was ideal!

I decided to take coaching seriously and passed the WPBSA course under Del Hill. Del is the former coach of Ronnie O Sullivan. Since that course in 2007 I have also passed courses with former world champion, Terry Griffiths and the former coach of Ding Junhui, Nic Barrow. I have picked up a huge amount of knowledge from working with these top coaches.

I am now a very experienced coach myself. I ran a junior club in Northampton for a number of years. Many of the juniors who attended are now century break players. I also ran a handicap tournament for a number of years at Barratts Club in Northampton. Current professionals Kyren Wilson and Harvey Chandler are both former winners of that tournament.

I have coached over 500 players since 2007. The youngest has been just 7 years old and the oldest player was well over 80 years old. I have also coached all different abilities of player from beginners to professionals. I even coached a lad called Sam Harvey for a number of years. He never turned professional but did manage to make a 151 break in a practice match as a teenager!

In 2014 and 2015 I coached at the CBSA academy in Beijing. I was the only foreign coach at the academy at the time and worked with students of all abilities. Both Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong were playing at the academy at that time. They are both now playing professionally. 

Whilst living in China I was also given the task of training up new Chinese coaches for the WPBSA. I enjoyed this and had to travel around China giving lectures about how to coach as well as training up the new coaches. 

I returned to the UK with my family in 2015 and I continued to coach. My health problems worsened leading me to stop playing completely at one stage. However my health is better now and I have started playing again. I have also decided to coach full time and so 2019 will be my first full year as a professional full time snooker coach.

If you have any problems with your game and want professional coaching then please get in touch.