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Professional Snooker Coaching

Cue straighter and smoother than ever before. Pot more balls than you have ever potted. Build bigger breaks. Use the rest with confidence. Learn to cope with pressure. Escape from snookers with ease. Play at a level above anything you have achieved before. If this is what you are looking for and are willing to work hard then get in touch right now!

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Fast results

I specialise in one to one coaching to achieve faster results. A single one off lesson can be used to fix a fault with your game to allow you to play with confidence again. My coaching packages are designed to improve your whole game. Take up one of these and improve your potting, safety, breakbuilding and shot selection as well as learning about snooker psychology.

Gavin York coaching

Top class coaching

Receive top quality snooker coaching from a qualified coach. My experience coaching players of all ages and abilities means that I can improve your game quickly by giving out great snooker coaching tips. You will learn new skills and develop existing ones. Contact me for snooker coaching lessons, listen to my advice, work hard and you will see great results!