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Are you performing to your full potential? Do you believe that you are bringing your game from the practice table to the match table? I am sure that you try your best in every situation and work hard at the game that you love. The hard work and enthusiasm will help you to become a better player.

Have you got a dream? Make a century? Win the club tournament? Turn professional? Win the World Championship? What is the goal that you are working towards? If you feel frustrated and upset by your lack of progress then you are not alone. Very few players learn to play at their true potential and those that do often have a coach or mentor to support them. 

I can help you to fulfill your potential and take your practice game to the match table. My name is Gavin York and I am a WPBSA Snooker Coach. I have been working with professional and amateur players since 2007 and can help you too. Why don't you get in touch and we can discuss your game and where you feel it should be. 

I am also available on social media by following the links above. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you want to win matches and play to a higher standard then get in touch and book a lesson today!

Gavin York Snooker Coach

Gavin York Snooker Coach

Snooker Coaching Testimonials

Liu Zheng, World Snooker Academy, Beijing

"He is innovative in his coaching methods. I've received many compliments from the players and other coaches who rely on Gavin's weekly plan and his coaching theories. Some of his players did improve a lot, and some even enquired his return date after his leave. I highly recommend hiring him and if Gavin returns to China I would definitely invite him back to my team." 

Steven K, former snooker coaching student

"Extremely enjoyable, informative and morale-boosting first lesson with Gavin today. Gavin is extremely personable and knowledgeable, which helped me to absorb all of his advice. I could do with a bit of practice to go over what I learned. I hope to be back for more next week and in the future. Thanks Gav!"

Nick Weed, former snooker coaching student

"Gavin York is the best snooker coach you could wish to have he's so easy to get along with and he makes things so simple the way he explains the techniques and the things he shows you are just perfect 5* from me."

Phil Tsang, WPBSA Snooker Coach

"I've had Snooker lessons from Gavin York and he's extremely knowledgeable, attentive & analytical with a vast range of expert experience (10 years +) having spent time teaching in China. Beginner or Professional, whatever your level of snooker Gavin is great at analysing technique and finding solutions to improve your consistency and enjoyment of the game. Even as a qualified WPBSA World Snooker coach there is so much that I've learned from Gavin's experience and insight, not only as a coach but as a snooker player.  I would highly recommend him if you're looking at taking your game to the next level. "

Dean Griffin, former snooker coaching student

"I had some lessons with Gavin after I was having difficulty getting to the next level in my snooker. Gavin sorted out my game totally, picked out things that I'd not even thought about which has led to my snooker game becoming much more consistent. Follow Gavins advice and what he teaches you should stay with you for years to come. I highly recommend a visit to Gavin from beginners to well established players."

Robert Mason, former snooker coaching student

"I started playing snooker again recently after a 15 year break from the game and immediately found that old habits and an inconsistent cueing action were still there. So I decided to book some coaching with Gavin. I must admit that I was a little concerned that this would consist of lots of poking and prodding. However this was not the case. Gavin observed my action and immediately broke my faults down into understandable bitesize chunks. He explained what this was doing to my action and gave me clear instruction on how to fix it. The coaching felt ''taylor made" and I now have a good base to work from to improve my game with further coaching from Gavin already booked. If you are stuck in a rut with your game then I highly recommend booking time with Gavin."