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Gavin York Snooker Coaching


Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Gavin York and I am a WPBSA Snooker Coach. The website contains a blog featuring hints and tips on improving your game as well as explanations of the different types of snooker coaching I provide. There is also a page with links to recommended snooker related products. I also have links above to my social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading!

Gavin York Snooker Coach

Gavin York Snooker Coach


Private Coaching

Private one to one coaching.

Are you frustrated and unhappy with your snooker? Not getting the results you want? Private one to one coaching will soon get you cueing straighter and smoother than ever before. Book coaching with me today and start playing with confidence.

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Distance Coaching

Group coaching overseas.

Struggling with your snooker? Would love to play to the next level? No coaches in your area? I can provide distance coaching by phone call and video analysis. I am also available to travel overseas to give private and group lessons. Get in touch today!

Overseas Coaching


Gavin York Snooker coaching.

I have been coaching snooker since 2007. I am a fully qualified WPBSA coach and I have coached over 500 players. I have helped players of all ages and all abilities. I have helped beginners to pot a few balls whilst I have also helped professionals with technical issues.



Northampton town singles trophies.

If you are looking for tips and advice about snooker then please take a look at my blog. Every week I publish helpful ideas that will improve your snooker. The blog also contains local league news and tournament results from Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. 

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Snooker accessories.

Looking for a gift for a friend who loves snooker? I have links to best selling snooker books as well as snooker accessories. I even have links to great coaching tools that can help your aiming and cueing. Please feel free to take a look at my page of snooker accessories and coaching aids.

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Training snooker coaches in China

Thinking of booking a package of lessons to improve your game? Not sure whether I am the coach for you? Take a look at what some of my previous students have said about me. These include reviews from academies, beginners and advanced players. There is also a gallery of some of the work I have been a part of.